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Posted on November 28, 2016 at 1:55 PM
We all know what it means to suffer alone, to feel cut off from others, to believe that we should have the strength and resourcefulness to deal with life's challenges on our own.

This idea of isolation was recently brought home to me in a very different context- that of working in isolation. A very innovative fellow therapist reached out to colleagues whom he had never met, with the idea that most of us are working in our own bubble and could benefit from the support, ideas and expertise of others engaged in this field regardless of their professional specialty or modality.

I had the pleasure of meeting other therapists whose focus is on expressive arts, body work, family or couples counselling, child and adolescent therapy,  addictions counselling, PTSD, men's issues, LGBT friendly plus many others and of course my area: grief, loss and trauma.

We're hoping that in time we will be able to share our best practices and offer our services for referral once they've been vetted.

I'm not sure that life is meant to be lived in isolation professionally or personally. What do you think?

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