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Support groups versus individual therapy

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 1:14 PM
People needing counselling often question whether they would benefit best from individual counselling or group therapy. 

In my practice, clients come to me for my undivided attention, my specific recommendations based on their goals and needs, and the working relationship we develop through time and discussion.

The success of the groups that I facilitate depend more on the compatibility of the group members, the balance between participants who are vocal versus those who are listeners, and the respect and support that is fostered within the structure of the group.

Some clients prefer the privacy of working one- on- one with a therapist while other clients enjoy the camaraderie and good will that can develop in a well maintained group.

Not all therapists though are comfortable or trained to be equally competent in both. When deciding which format is best for you, the chief  requirement will still be on the personality fit with the therapist.

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